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Here are Suboxone Clinics Kentucky we work with addiction treatment providers who prescribe Suboxone for opiate addiction withdrawal symptoms and or to help people avoid drug relapse on drug of choice heroin or opiate based prescription pain medication. We also work with Ketamine therapy providers at Restore Health KY, INC Suboxone treatment center and Ketamine infusion therapy / psychedelic therapy rehabilitation center. Restore Health KY, INC does not prescribe Suboxone or Ketamine, they provide the counseling, coaching and integration groups for those who do. Ketamine infusions are now being prescribed to help with drug addiction i.e opiate addiction and or anxiety, pain or depression. Many of the participants that come into our call center are suffering from drug addiction, opiate addiction, alcoholism, alcohol abuse or dual diagnosis, depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping, chronic and acute pain and other mental health related issues. It is important that we address not only the addiction but also the depression, anxiety and sleeping problems or depression. Those can trigger people who are not aware of trauma and their trauma responses. It is important that we educate them on how to identify the triggers and how to best avoid a drug relapse.

ketamine therapy lexington ky

The suboxone doctors in Lexington and Louisville and Frankfort area are able to see participants that are anywhere in Kentucky through online treatment services. This online suboxone treatment model is working very well for people as most do not have reliable transportation or the money needed to take uber rides 1 x 2 x 3 x a week which is sometimes required at the brick and mortar suboxone clinics and suboxone doctors offices.

Ketamine infusion consultations can be done online but the ketamine therapy sessions themselves, they must be at our Ketamine infusion therapy center in Lexington, KY. Ketamine is not a cure, however, it is bringing people that started on heroin and ended up on Suboxone, off Suboxone and leaning more on Nature or plant medicines, herbs, supplements, healthier diets and more holistic lifestyles. We feel it is a good start for getting people off Suboxone and all medications. We believe that we can be free from the controlling mind and the cravings of the body. We just need the right healing method and healing medicines.