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Heroin to Suboxone to Ketamine to Nature is our vision. Here at Restore Health KY, INC our team of addiction treatment and mental health professionals works with suboxone doctors, ketamine doctors and organizations that provide psychedelic therapy or Ayahuasca-assisted therapy. We understand the concept “It takes a village” and we are doing everything we can to break down the barriers to treatment. More than ever, we need to reduce the mental limitations that cause us to think inside the box and not outside. Depression is becoming a global epidemic. Drug overdoses took 100,000+ people last year. It is time to do something different. Einstein said that you can not solve a problem using the same thinking that created it. Using opiates to help people on opiates is solving a problem while creating an entirely new one which is the revolving door.

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy – Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Kentucky

An Ayahuasca ceremony is a very sacred event in a person’s life. They are coming to one of the most powerful Plant Medicines known to man as DMT has been called the “God Molecule”. Ayahuasca ceremonies usually start on a Friday and end on Sunday. Ayahuasca ceremonies usually consist of 2-3 journeys or Ayahuasca ceremonies throughout the weekend. Some participants of Ayahuasca ceremonies say that 3-4 hours with Mother Ayahuasca and it is similar to 20 years of psycho-therapy.

Kentucky Ayahuasca Ceremonies Replacing Traditional Therapies?

Can Kentucky Ayahuasca Ceremonies really replace the current healthcare system we have in place today? Psilocybin is now legal in Oregon for addiction and or mental health illnesses. Psilocybin is being used in full doses to invoke mystical experiences as well as micro dose amounts to help “rewire” the brain to heal trauma and stored emotions or energy. Psychedelic therapy is showing tremendous progress and is definitely worth keeping an eye on over the next half decade.