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Ketamine infusion therapy for depression is said to be the biggest breakthrough in 50 years for treating depression. Many of the top Ketamine doctors in Lexington, KY are available to assist patients that have been treatment-resistant to typical SSRI anti-depressant medications. Ketamine therapy is also beneficial for many of those who are battling with anxiety or addiction related issues. Ketamine is classified as a psychedelic and is therefore consider psychedelic-assisted therapy which is similar to the new Suboxone Treatment of Medication-assisted treatment model for heroin or opiate addicted individuals. Ketamine is also said to be beneficial for participants suffering with chronic or acute pain and need a pain management doctor who prescribes Ketamine infusion therapy when treating vs standard opiate based pain medications.

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Psychedelic-assisted therapy is becoming far more mainstream now and pharmaceutical companies are investing 100’s of millions of dollars into psychedelic research and development. One of the sacred sacraments used by our ancestor to help heal tribe members from sickness is Kambo also known as Kambo Detox or Kambo Cleanse Ceremony. Here at Suboxone Clinics Kentucky, we do not believe there is one solution that fits all. We believe people are unique and one path of healing may not be best suited for all. For more information about Kambo, please give us a call today 859-489-9317 or write¬†or watch a video from Kambo Detox Near Me

Medication-assisted treatment programs are said to have a 50-60% success rate vs the inpatient substance abuse model which is said to be 8-12% nationally. Because half of our children dying prematurely is obviously unacceptable, Suboxone Clinics Kentucky provides as much information about alternative addiction recovery treatment options. Suboxone treatment center are opening all over the state of Kentucky. More and more, inpatient rehab centers are adopting the medication-assisted treatment model due to the success and the demand. Here at Suboxone Clinics Kentucky, we are thrilled to see people adapting to treatment models such as Ketamine infusion therapy or psychedelic therapy.